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“Meridian has never overpromised. They come through with everything that they say they will do. They help us keep our promises to our customers.”

Paul Leach

Co-founder , Loenbro

Paul Leach
Paul Leach


Number of States Loenbro Serves

Equipment Provided

  • Fast Fusion Trac Machines
  • Vermeer Trenchers
  • Buckeye Trenchers
  • HydroVac
  • Roller
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Backhoes
  • Sidebooms

Meridian Delivers Efficient Service so Loenbro Can Lead the Change


Great Falls, MT


Oil & Gas


Loenbro is a premier industrial construction and service provider that consistently aims to deliver exceptional customer service, and Meridian Leasing was a key partner in carrying out this goal. The ease of acquiring and financing equipment, including fast fusion machines, trenchers, and vac trucks, helps Loenbro exceed the needs of its customers. With Meridian’s help, Loenbro was able to deliver on its reputation of integrity, ingenuity, and quality.

About Loenbro

Loenbro originated in 1998 in Montana where brothers Paul and Jon Leach built a reputation of quality. As the team expanded, so did the number of projects and services that Loenbro provided to Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas. Today, Loenbro has over 1,000 employees across more than 20 states. The company works within a multitude of industries including oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, power and utilities, and more.

Business Challenges

Loenbro’s slogan is “leading the change” and its main mission is to change the way customers think about contractors. In the past, the story revolved around a contractor taking advantage of the customer by overcharging for services and putting in the minimum amount of work. It has been critical for Loenbro to break the misconception that all contractors are corrupt by building relationships on trust, providing fast and expedited service, and ultimately exceeding customers’ expectations. Loenbro understands that if it is not able to build strong relationships, it will be sidelined by its customers and outperformed by the market.

How Meridian Helped

Loenbro’s main mission is to lead the change in their industry and be trailblazer in energy services and construction industry. Their customers are their top priority and their goal is to treat their customers like partners by being transparent, collaborative and responsive. By partnering with Meridian, Loenbro was able to take the next steps in pursuit of that goal.

The relationship began in 2018 when Loenbro needed a new partner to support the growth of their company and supply specialty equipment. Meridian was flexible and helped Loenbro acquire, finance, and implement a fleet of fast fusion machines. Choosing an independent and vendor-agnostic lessor allows Loenbro to simplify its equipment acquisition process by working with a single contact that manages all equipment across all manufacturers. This added flexibility and efficiency allows Loenbro to get jobs done faster so they can meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Business Impacts

Loenbro is in a service-oriented industry and customers are its number one priority. It was vital to Loenbro that it partnered with an equipment lessor that was responsive and agile to keep up with the changing demands of its customers. Loenbro currently has a fleet of equipment on lease with Meridian including fast fusion machines, pipeline trenchers, side booms, backhoes, rollers, and more. Specifically, the fast fusion machines provided by Meridian increased its capacity by automating processes that would have otherwise been very manual. Through the automation of these processes, Loenbro has been able to focus on improving safety.

The Loenbro Story

The Loenbro Story The Loenbro Story

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