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“Meridian Leasing is the best vendor partner I have ever had a chance to work with in my 22 years at Buchheit. I wouldn't change that relationship one bit.”

Jared Hotop

VP of IT & Retail, Buchheit Enterprises

Jared Hotop
Jared Hotop

Wholesale & Distribution Solutions

Meridian Leasing for Wholesale & Distribution

Upgrade your customer experience

Deliver exceptional service to your customers by selecting the right equipment to guarantee quality and responsiveness.

Scale operations to meet demand

Experience the benefit of flexible and customizable lease solutions to ensure you have the right equipment when you need it.

Create the next generation warehouse with automation and robotics

Enhance your team with access to material handling equipment experts and a world-class services team who will lower your monthly equipment costs so you can invest in building for the future.

Achieve visibility to control inventory and costs

Receive organization-wide access to information that lets managers and supply chain partners make fast, strategic decisions through innovative IT solutions and services such as data center solutions and security and risk management.


Delivering the Goods and Increasing Visibility

Delivering the Goods and Increasing Visibility

Equipment We Lease & Supply


Customers are choosing Meridian to help them save money with refurbished equipment.



The reduction in equipment costs when switching from new to refurbished


The amount of supply and manufacturing industry leaders that believe the digital supply chain will be the norm in the next 5 years



See how customers are succeeding with Meridian's Wholesale & Distribution solutions.


“The trusted partner relationship I have with my Meridian rep is that he knows... he knows if it's a fit, he knows our environment, he knows our business.”

Jared Hotop

VP of IT & Retail, Buchheit Enterprises

Jared Hotop
Jared Hotop
Buchheit_Jared_Partner Relationship


Number of SKUs managed by Buchheit

Equipment Provided

  • Inventory scanners
  • Storage
  • Server virtualization
  • Backup