GE MRI Machine: An Overview

AUTHOR: Jeff Hough February 26, 2019

GE MRI Machine: An Overview

There is constant improvement and innovation within the healthcare industry, specifically in the form of equipment updates. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is an intricate technology, but acquiring an MRI machine does not have to be. When selecting an MRI machine, you will be presented with a plethora of options including different manufacturers and models. Partnering with an equipment provider who can assess your needs, offer guidance about equipment, and provide financing, is vital. Meridian can help you stay current with the latest technology, while providing competitive lease and financing options on new and refurbished equipment. As an independent equipment leasing company, we are here to offer you options without bias or compromise. We have created this post to help assess the systems available to you. In this blog we are focusing on GE MRI machines that come in a variety of configurations, price points, and technological advancements.

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Latest Offerings

GE’s current line of MRI machines marks the return of the SIGNA brand and a renewed focus on the SIGNA software suite. There are three primary categories for these scanners:

  • 60cm 1.5T
  • 70cm 1.5T
  • 70cm 3.0T

In the 60cm 1.5T segment, GE offers the SIGNA Creator and SIGNA Explorer. Both cover a wide range of applications including neuro, MSK, multi-planar body imaging, vascular, volumetric imaging, and more. The key feature over previous generations is an improved signal to noise ratio for a boost in image quality. The Explorer expands on the Creator platform with added features for patient comfort and those with metal implants. Most notable is the SilentScan technology, lowering the sound level just 3dBA over ambient noise.

Moving into the 70cm or wide bore configuration, the latest models, announced in 2016, are the SIGNA Voyager and SIGNA Artist. The Voyager is designed for productivity, workflow, and patient comfort, while the Artist is host to GE’s latest technology offerings available in their 1.5T systems. The Artist can be configured with 96 or 128-channel coil design.

SIGNA Works is the software package supporting both systems. It includes applications for body, cardiac, musculoskeletal, neurology, oncology, and pediatric imaging. The application tools commonly included are: HyperWorks, for speed; SilentWorks, for patient comfort; ViosWorks, for cardiac imaging; and ImageWorks, for automation and advanced post processing capabilities.

Moving up in field strength, GE offers the SIGNA Pioneer, SIGNA Architect, and SIGNA Premier. All three systems feature a 3.0T magnet and are positioned as good, better, and best. With 97 RF channels, the SIGNA Pioneer balances price with performance. The Architect, similar to the SIGNA Artist, employs up to 128 RF channels and a comprehensive software package. The third system in the 3.0T 70cm category is the SIGNA Premier. Marketed along with a 4-year partnership with National Football League (NFL), the Premier is focused on research and delivers excellent image quality through new gradients.

GE recently added the AiRe technology to their MRI machines. This new technology transforms rigid coils into flexible and contouring "sheets” which can be overlapped and provide greater visibility into hard to scan areas. In the future, we expect to see more technological breakthroughs, including the development of scanners that do not require large amounts of helium.

GE has many MRI machines and continues to evolve their product line. At Meridian, we are here to assist in the acquisition and financing of the most fitting unit for your facility and help you stay current with technology.

Unique to Meridian is the option to finance new or acquire quality refurbished and off-lease equipment through a purchase or lease. Progression in medical technology continues to bring innovative solutions and services to the market. This evolution is why our 60-month fair market value lease is the most popular finance option for acquiring a new MRI. The five-year term ensures healthcare professionals gain access to current technologies, faster patient examinations, improved image quality, increased patient comfort, and enhanced diagnosis.

Refurbished Offerings

If you are looking for more value and your imaging needs are more routine, significant savings can be achieved with a refurbished or off-lease system. Here are a few examples of the GE MRI machines that are available.

GE Discovery MR750W 3.0T

The GE Discovery MR750W 3.0T offers cutting-edge technology. It has a 70cm patient bore with 3.0T magnet strength. The design of the Discovery MR750W 3.0T keeps the patient’s comfort in mind while also providing the technology that physicians need to receive the most accurate scans. It is offered in a 16-channel version with innovative technological developments including: MultiDrive RF Transmit, Optical RF, a 50cm usable FOV, and high-performance gradients.

This particular model of MRI machine has not only been designed with the comfort of the patients in mind, but also efficiency. The GE Discovery MR750W 3.0T allows you to get an accurate scan in half the time it would take on a less capable MRI machine.

GE MR450w 1.5T

The GE Optima MR450W was released in August of 2009 and features GE’s first wide 70cm bore MRI machine. This system is built around a completely redesigned MRI platform. It's an incredibly hard-working system and is perfect for practices both large and small, no matter the specialty. Its lower cost and advanced capabilities make it a perfect choice for those who are looking for a multi-purpose scanner. Its 1.5T field strength is the most well-known and widely used throughout the healthcare industry.

GE SIGNA (previous generation)

The GE SIGNA is one of the most placed scanners in the US. The first version of SIGNA was released in 1983 featuring the 1.5T magnet. Since then, multiple iterations were made available. Here is a summary of systems that can be purchased refurbished for maximum value:

  • GE SIGNA HD 1.5T: The GE SIGNA HD 1.5T MRI machine was designed to perform whole-body imaging for a broad range of clinical applications as well as advanced applications to give you greater scanning and image flexibility. The system features 8 independent data channels, simultaneous image reconstruction and acquisition, and SVP9 Symmetric Vector Processor for increased productivity and diagnosis.
  • GE 1.5T SIGNA HDxt Optima Edition (23x software): The SIGNA HDxt 1.5T, Optima* Edition helps clinicians deliver sure diagnoses, even for the most challenging exams. With HD gradients and reconstruction, the SIGNA HDxt 1.5T Optima* Edition brings a new set of advanced clinical applications that offer unmatched accuracy. The SIGNA HDxt 1.5T delivers a 48cm Field of View and comes in a 16 Channel RF.
  • GE SIGNA HDxt 3.0T: Built on the GE’s powerful 3.0 Tesla platform, The SIGNA HDxt 3.0T is designed with thoroughness in mind. With GE's high-density coils, data acceleration technology, and high-definition applications, the system provides high quality images that can help you deliver confident diagnoses. Its easy-to-use interface requires a shorter training time, allowing your organization to continue operating smoothly, even during the replacement process. The SIGNA HDxt is offered in both 8 and 16 channel configurations. The SIGNA HDxt protects your investment by allowing you to upgrade the platform without replacing the magnet.
  • GE SIGNA Excite HDx (1.5T and 3.0T): GE’s SIGNA Excite* MRI machine incorporates the trusted SIGNA platform with Excite technology, allowing you to effectively manage large data volumes to help you increase your productivity. GE Excite technology boosts speed and resolution beyond the limit of usual MRI machines. LAVA, PROPELLER, VIBRANT, and TRICKS are special sequences designed by GE to help simplify advanced cases. The GE SIGNA Excite can be upgraded to higher models like HD, HDx, & HDxt.

After exploring the advances in technology, it can feel like an overwhelming task to determine what is right for you. We hope that this guide helps break down some of the key differences between models. Whatever MRI machine your organization chooses, our team is there to help you find the best fit. To learn more about any of these systems, or other MRI machine models, call +1 (888) 255-5320 or send an email to for more details or to speak with a medical equipment specialist.

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