Solutions for Plant Management

With your budget getting tighter and technology changing rapidly, it has never been more critical to drive down operational costs and stay at the cutting edge of your industry. When you choose Meridian, you get access to both the latest and refurbished equipment via the most comprehensive and flexible suite of equipment financing solutions available. Through Meridian’s consulting and advisory services, you get price benchmarking and expert guidance to help you reinvest cost savings into innovative technologies, like automation and artificial intelligence, that can help you stay ahead of your competition. Don’t settle for mediocre equipment financing companies when you can choose the industry leader.

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    TrueFlex Value™

    Fixed payment schedules and low monthly payments to conserve cash flow and lower your operating expenses.

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    TrueFlex Clear™

    Predictable monthly payments for the equipment you need, with a clear pathway to equipment ownership.

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    TrueFlex EaaS™

    Customizable services provided on a flexible consumption model enable you to pay only for the services you need while optimizing your budget.

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    TrueFlex Access™

    Sell your equipment and then lease it back so you have cash on hand to operate your business and invest in critical projects.

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    TrueFlex Rental™

    Equipment rentals for 12 months or more so you have access to the equipment that you need while lowering costs and increasing agility.

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    Refurbished Equipment

    Keep up with your industry and make your budget go further with Meridian’s access to refurbished equipment.

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  • Advisory Services
    Advisory Services

    Lean on Meridian’s industry veterans to create an equipment roadmap for the future of your organization.

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Minimize downtime and control maintenance costs

By the Numbers

  • 64%

    of decision makers plan to introduce collaboration with automation solutions within 5 years.

  • 71%

    of decision-makers are accelerating the timelines of their modernization projects or plan to within a year.

  • 83%

    of associates report increased productivity as a top benefit of working with autonomous mobile robots.

  • 79%

    of manufacturers say that retaining a quality workforce is among their biggest challenges.


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