TrueFlex Finance

Rethink how you approach equipment financing with TrueFlex Finance. While purchasing your equipment outright can negatively impact your cash flow, and leave you stuck with outdated technology, TrueFlex Finance was created to give you the flexibility and freedom your operations deserve while actually paying less. The full suite of TrueFlex Finance services include access to TrueFlex Portal, the industry-leading platform to track your assets and manage your contracts.

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    TrueFlex Value™

    Fixed payment schedules and low monthly payments to conserve cash flow and lower your operating expenses.

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    TrueFlex EaaS™

    Customizable services provided on a flexible consumption model enable you to pay only for the services you need while optimizing your budget.

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    TrueFlex Clear™

    Predictable monthly payments for the equipment you need, with a clear pathway to equipment ownership.

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    TrueFlex Rental™

    Equipment rentals for 12 months or more so you have access to the equipment that you need while lowering costs and increasing agility.

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    TrueFlex Access™

    Sell your equipment and then lease it back so you have cash on hand to operate your business and invest in critical projects.

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    TrueFlex Portal™

    Fixed payment schedules and low monthly payments to conserve cash flow and lower your operating expenses.

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Maintain Steady Cashflow

Reduce costly surprises and plan confidently when you lease equipment for your business and benefit from fixed, low monthly payments that are spread throughout the lease term.

Equipment Experts

Meridian’s equipment experts will guide you through different manufacturers and models to help you select the best equipment for your business.

Unified Billing

Combine equipment costs, maintenance, and service at predictable monthly payments.

Flexible Payment Schedules

Flexible payment schedules and negotiable terms can be customized to match your financial requirements.

Hedge Against Equipment Obsolescence

Stay relevant and upgrade your equipment more consistently to keep up with technological advancements when choosing the right equipment financing options.

Structured Just for You

Meridian’s equipment leasing and finance experts listen to you first and then structure a strategy that works best for your needs through our advisory services.

Simplified Administration

We simplify the application process and give you back countless hours of administrative work.

Equipment Setup and Delivery

Equipment will be delivered and installed by an expert who will ensure everything is in perfect working order.

Regain the hours of tedious administrative work and avoid the headaches of managing spreadsheets for your asset tracking. We’re simplifying the equipment financing process from acquisition to disposition with TrueFlex Portal.

View All of Your Equipment

Secure, on-demand access to all your leases and equipment from one convenient portal.

Proactive Notifications

Never miss an important date with proactive notifications for upcoming lease maturity dates and equipment return dates.

Customizable Reporting

Powerful and customizable reporting details your leased assets by location, user, term, and type of lease.

Manage Renewal Requests

Create renewal and buyout requests as well as manage returns, relocations, and upgrades.