I Don’t Have the Skills For Proper Financial Planning and Analysis

Without accurate planning and analysis, your organization is doing business blindly. Having the financial experts to guide you through the equipment financing process is an invaluable advantage over your peers who undoubtedly are facing a similar challenge in hiring a team of their own. The equipment and finance experts at Meridian can fill the resource void as you plan for the future. There is no longer any excuse for not having the skills to plan for financial success with Meridian by your side.

Can’t Keep Employees

54% of CFO’s say hiring and retaining employees is their biggest challenge (gartner)

No In-house Expertise

92% of CFO’s say they data analysis is the most important role they’re hiring for.ii

Loss of Revenue

8.5 TrillionThe talent and skills gap in the US is expected to total a loss of 8.5 Trillion by 2030iii


Say No More to your toughest finance challenges with the following services from Meridian:

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