I Can’t Manage Costs To Combat Economic Uncertainty

Among the economic uncertainty, there is only one guarantee: without effectively managing your OpEx and CapEx costs, you will never to weather the storm. Being prepared for such uncertainty means knowing exactly how to acquire the equipment you need at the lowest possible price. If lowering your operational costs and staying agile are challenges for you, then equipment financing through Meridian is the first step you can take. By removing the burden of equipment ownership, you’re eliminating risk and creating revenue opportunities that will cushion your organization from the effects of the ever-changing economy.

No Cost Optimization

58%of finance executives said cost optimization is their biggest concern over the next six months .i

No Plan in Place

53% of CFOs aren’t planning for economic downturn scenarios.ii

Cutting the Right Costs

35% of CFOs say that finding ways to cut costs is their biggest challenge.iii


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