Receive a cash injection to operate your business and invest in critical projects by leveraging your equipment in exchange for capital.

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With TrueFlex Access™, we will purchase your equipment and then lease it back to you. You can continue to use your equipment without owning it, so productivity never slows down, and you can invest the capital into growing or managing your business. Get the advantage of leasing, without the burden of ownership with TrueFlex Access™.


Track your assets, manage your payments, and stay informed with TrueFlex Portal

Access to capital

Get the capital you need to manage your business


Lost Revenue


Turning Patients Away


Outdated Technology

Access to Capital

Reinvest your savings into cutting edge technology and innovations for your operations

Keep Your Current Equipment

Continue using your own equipment and create opportunities for equipment refreshes

Remove the Burden of Ownership

Convert your existing asset into immediate cash flow

Regain the hours of tedious administrative work and avoid the headaches of managing spreadsheets for your asset tracking. We’re simplifying the equipment financing process from acquisition to disposition with TrueFlex Portal.

View All of Your Equipment

Secure, on-demand access to all your leases and equipment from one convenient portal.

Proactive Notifications

Never miss an important date with proactive notifications for upcoming lease maturity dates and equipment return dates.

Customizable Reporting

Powerful and customizable reporting details your leased assets by location, user, term, and type of lease.

Manage Renewal Requests

Create renewal and buyout requests as well as manage returns, relocations, and upgrades.


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