Lower your monthly payments and keep current with the latest equipment with Meridian’s equipment leasing services.

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Equipment leasing through Meridian is one of the most financially efficient ways for your organization to stay at the top of your industry. With the advantage of leasing, you have the ability to customize your lease terms and the power to refresh your equipment regularly, adopt bleeding edge technologies, and add agility to your operations. Meridian works alongside you to help you determine the right equipment for your operational and financial requirements. With TrueFlex Value, you have access to the most competitive pricing available through our industry-leading price benchmarking and advisory services.


Track your assets, manage your payments, and stay informed with TrueFlex Portal.

Lower Your Payments

Switch to leasing to lower your monthly payments and eliminate up-front capital expenditures.


Excessive Upfront Costs


Outdated Equipment


Falling Behind

Lower Monthly Payments

Acquire the equipment you need with lower monthly payments and no up front costs

Regular Equipment Refreshes

Create an equipment roadmap that allows you to upgrade and refresh your equipment regularly

Flexible Lease Terms

Extending, Upgrading, and Returning your equipment at the end of your lease has never been simpler

Regain the hours of tedious administrative work and avoid the headaches of managing spreadsheets for your asset tracking. We’re simplifying the equipment financing process from acquisition to disposition with TrueFlex Portal.

View All of Your Equipment

Secure, on-demand access to all your leases and equipment from one convenient portal.

Proactive Notifications

Never miss an important date with proactive notifications for upcoming lease maturity dates and equipment return dates.

Customizable Reporting

Powerful and customizable reporting details your leased assets by location, user, term, and type of lease.

Manage Renewal Requests

Create renewal and buyout requests as well as manage returns, relocations, and upgrades.


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