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“Meridian Leasing is the best vendor partner I have ever had a chance to work with in my 22 years at Buchheit. I wouldn't change that relationship one bit.”

Jared Hotop

VP of IT & Retail, Buchheit Enterprises

Jared Hotop
Jared Hotop


Number of SKUs managed by Buchheit

Equipment Provided

  • Inventory scanners
  • Storage
  • Server virtualization
  • Backup

Meridian Leasing delivers expertise and financing and Buchheit delivers an incredible and unique customer experience


Perryville, MO


Wholesale & Distribution


Together with Meridian, Buchheit has been able to support its tremendous growth by acquiring and financing equipment including IT and inventory management solutions that cover its retail, agriculture, and distribution divisions. With the expertise, guidance, and dedication that Meridian offers, Buchheit continues to position itself as a truly customer-centric company.


Since 1934, the Buchheit name has been synonymous with customer care, bringing: produce, tools, and unbeatable service throughout the nation. With 3 divisions encompassing distribution, retail, and agriculture, Buchheit has grown to employ over 650 people, occupy eight locations, produce their own feed and seed, and cover over 1 Million square feet of warehouse and distribution space.

A far cry from the early 1930’s, the company now dispatches over 100 trucks a day. The Buchheit Agri Division provides quality agricultural products for customers as well as support, advice and information that help customers become more profitable as producers.

The Challenges

Seeing significant growth within their retail, agriculture, and distribution divisions, Buchheit needed a partner that could support their growing IT needs and simplify their storage, server, and backup implementations. To support their national retail and distribution coverage, they also needed flexible and cost-effective finance solutions to streamline their inventory and data management operations.

How Meridian Helped

Buchheit knew that in order to meet the needs of their customers locally and across the country, they needed to have efficiencies at every stage. They also needed an asset tracking solution that they could use to locate and manage all of their equipment and lease schedules. Meridian supplied mobile handheld scanners and implemented a storage solution to provide them with a foundation that could scale as the company grew. To ensure end-to-end reliability and peace of mind for the IT team at Buchheit, Meridian was able to design, implement and finance a Barracuda backup solution.

Business Impacts

Continuing their mission of putting their customers first, Buchheit found in Meridian, a partner who does the same. Meridian provides Buchheit equipment, expertise and finance solutions to achieve their growth initiatives. By implementing reliable storage, server, and backup solutions, Buchheit now has the foundation to scale with the needs of both their internal teams and their customers across the nation.

Having a partner that collaborates effortlessly with its vendors has allowed Buchheit to continually provide its customers with world class customer service, and unparalleled access to the products they need. By having flexibility and complete transparency throughout their lease schedules and documentation process, and simplified management of their assets, Buchheit has a partner that takes the weight off their shoulders – allowing them to stay agile and focus on what matters: growing their business and taking care of their customers.

The Buchheit Story

The Buchheit Story

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