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Hospital Beds

Hospital Beds

Over the past 40 years, Meridian Leasing has been offering the highest quality medical equipment to hospitals and health systems across the US. Our customers choose Meridian Leasing because of our extensive inventory of high quality ICU beds, Med Surg beds, and Intensive Care beds. We provide lease, purchase, and rental options from the top bed manufacturers such as Hill-Rom and Stryker. New, used, and refurbished options are available.

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Hospital Bed Brands and Models Available

Popular Models Hill-Rom Stryker

Popular Hill-Rom Models

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  • VersaCare
  • TotalCare
  • TotalCare Sp02rt
  • Progressa
  • CareAssist
  • Affinity II Birthing Bed
  • Affinity III Birthing Bed
  • Affinity IV Birthing Bed
  • P8000 Stretcher
  • Advanta
  • Psychiatric Beds
  • GoBed II
  • iBed
  • S3
  • Epic II
  • InTouch
  • LD304