2013 Linde H40D Forklift

2013 Linde H40D Forklift

Product Description

The little brother of the Linde H45D, the H40D forklift is no less capable of improving the efficiency of your operations. This heavy lift unit is perfectly suited for moving around large and awkward loads in any environment.

  • Details

The Linde H40D comes ready with a set of clamp forks for more awkward payloads. With a maximum lifting capacity of 4,000kg (8,818lbs), it can handle much heavier loads than most other models. Even when fully loaded, its air cushion tire system allows for smooth operation over uneven surfaces. This used machine is available for lease and purchase. 

Key Specs

  • Basic Capacity: 8,000 lbs
  • Load Center: 500 mm
  • Power: Diesel
  • Tire Type: Pneumatic
  • Tilt (forward/back): 5.0/9.0
  • Length to Fork Face: 2,984 mm
  • Width (standard tires): 1,446 / 1,423 mm
  • Height to Top of Overhead Guard: 2,383 mm
  • Weight: 5,785 Kg
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