Crown FC 5200

Crown FC 5200

Product Description

The Crown FC 5200s are a line of electric forklifts that provides speed and acceleration to get more done in less time, and control and precision to give the operator more confidence.

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Forklifts in this line include:

  • FC 5215-2.0
  • FC 5225-2.0
  • FC 5215-2.5
  • FC 5225-2.5
  • FC 5245-2.5
  • FC 5225-3.0
  • FC 5245-3.0

The FC 5200 forklift line allows for 25% more run time per shift and allows the operator to move up to 10% more loads. The Crown Access 1 2 3 operating system provides access to real-time information for increased safety and decreased risk. The FC 5200s are available for purchase and lease.

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