Hyster H40-70FT

Hyster H40-70FT

Product Description

Hyster's H40-70FT forklifts are four-wheel pneumatic tire lifts that are part of the Fortis series. This machine allows operators to quickly and safely work with pallets.

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Forklifts in this line include:

  • H40FT
  • H50FT
  • H60FT
  • H70FT

The Hyster H40-70FT forklift series is built strong and has a lift capacity ranging from 4,000-7,000lbs which can decrease downtime by up to 30%. The H40-70FT's travel speeds reach up to 13.1 mph and loaded lift speeds reach up to 116 ft/min. These machines deliver superior performance and effortless maneuverability in various application settings, such as warehouses and distribution centers, lumber yards, and home improvement stores. The H40-70FT are available for purchase and lease.

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