Yale GLC30-155

Yale GLC30-155

Product Description

The GLC30-70VX line of forklifts is a part of the Veracitor VX line of Compact IC Trucks. These machines are designed for applications that require high-lift capability in confined, compact spaces.

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Forklifts in this line:

  • GLC30VX
  • GLC35VX
  • GLC40VX
  • GLC45VX
  • GLC55VX
  • GLC60VX
  • GLC70VX

The Veracitor VX line of forklifts is known for improving productivity and decreasing operating costs, due to the comfortable design and ergonomics for the operator, easy-to-use controls, and the advanced engine and transmission technology. The GLC30-155 is available for purchase and lease.

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