Railquip B-MAXI XL Battery Powered Railcar Mover

Railquip B-MAXI XL Battery Powered Railcar Mover

Product Description

The Railquip Battery Powered Railcar Mover Series, features the B-Maxi XL. This rail mover makes on-and-off tracking quick and easy with no emissions. The B-Maxi XL is perfect for transit companies, railroads, and industrial job sites looking for a quiet, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solution for their railroad needs.

  • Details

The Railquip B-Maxi XL Railcar Mover is available for lease and purchase from Meridian Leasing.

Key Specs:

  • Turning Radius: 69″
  • For Track Gauges: 39.4″ to 65.7″
  • Radio Remote Control on Road and Rail
  • Traction Capacity: ~ 770 – 1,100 Tons on Straight Level Track
  • Dimensions: ~148″ (Length) x 91″ (Width) x 47″ (Height)
  • Battery Powered
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