Raymond 5000 Series

Raymond 5000 Series

Product Description

The Raymond 5000 series of order pickers are a great resource for quickly fulfilling orders and maneuvering between narrow aisles. In today's e-commerce and just-in-time inventory-driven world, save both time and operational costs by implementing this Raymond machine into daily order picking.

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Order pickers in this series include:

  • 5400
  • 5500
  • 5600

The 5400-5600 models are powered by an AC drive motor and lift, depending on the model, and has a proven longer lifespan of the battery, sequentially lowering operation costs. The overall machine life of these trucks is also lengthened through automatic hydraulic staging of the mast cushions operation, limiting the day-to-day depreciation of the machine, and lengthening the amount of time the machine operates. Maneuver materials and orders quicker, smoother, and more stable with a truck within the 5000 series through. Each of these models have large pick windows, high-caliber lift and lower abilities, and pallet-locking capabilities. 

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