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The GE Optima CT series is the evolution of the well-known BrightSpeed and LightSpeed series. The GE Optima CT660, GE Optima CT540, and GE Optima CT520 are the three most common models within the Optima line-up. Below, we’ve broken down the basics on what you need to know about the GE Optima CT scanners, so you can compare models and determine which is the best fit for you.


GE’s Optima CT520 is a 16-slice CT scanner that opens the door to excellent image quality with advanced dose-optimizing features. The Optima 520 succeeds in routine CT and emergency imaging. Overall, the scanner is a good candidate for general-purpose and day-to-day scanning. There are two tube types used in the Optima 520: Solarix (3.5 MHU) or Performix (6.3 MHU) x-ray tubes. ASiR (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction) technology is an option on this CT scanner, and delivers up to a 40% reduction in radiation dose with no compromise in image quality.

Built on reliable and proven technologies, this system can help you be more effective and efficient. Common features include: IQEnhance, Xtream Integrated Injector, ASiR, *VISR, SmartView* Fluoro, Optidose*, Volara*DAS, and more.


The GE Optima 540 features the same compact footprint as the Optima 520 and is ideal for customers who are constrained on space. The 540 also supports the ASiR technology which may reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation by 40% without sacrificing image quality. The main difference between the Optima 520 and the Optima 540 is the Optima 540’s focus on emergency imaging. Featuring the Emergency Patient Mode, you can quickly complete exams. Other uses include general imaging, oncology, angiography, and intervention imaging.


The GE Optima 660 was being used across hundreds of facilities in Europe, Asia, and Latin America prior to being cleared for sale in the United States by the FDA in August 2011. This powerful CT scanner builds on the capabilities of the LightSpeed VCT while offering improvements in sustainability and efficiency. Its smaller footprint helps facilities constrained by space gain access to progressive and low dose imaging. The Optima CT660 is available in 32, 64, and 128-slices varieties. Powering the scanner is the Performix 40 x-ray tube, giving it a longer life than other versions. With liquid bearings, the tube is more durable and saves your organization time and money.

While it excels in routine CT procedures, the Optima CT series has a variety of clinical applications including: cardiac, neurology, angiography, and oncology. The 660 features GE’s proven dose-optimizing ASiR technology, seamless workflow environment, and advanced applications.


When it comes to choosing the best fit for your organization, it is important to consider your primary use case. The 520 is great for general imaging while offering some advanced features including ASiR. The 540 is well suited for the emergency department and for general imaging. For facilities that need a 64 or 128 slice scanner with application packages to support specialty imaging, the 660 is your machine.

As you can see, different needs require different models. If you are considering one of these three, you’ve come to the right place. We can make the acquisition of your new CT scanner a turnkey experience by packaging the scanner, installation, service, and financing together for a custom solution for you.

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