Medicine saves lives; Meridian saves you money.

Improve the patient experience and make your budget go further with Meridian Leasing's flexible finance options.

Lease New

Gain access to price transparency through industry leading price benchmarking and reduce the cost of patient care.

Lease Refurbished

Eradicate any idea of what you thought a budget should look like. Think differently by leasing refurbished medical equipment.

Purchase Refurbished

Be the hero of your organization by delivering the same patient experience while extracting 55% from medical equipment costs.


Experience flexibility with short-term solutions from Meridian's equipment rental program.


Combine the best aspects of an operating lease and a rental agreement with Meridian’s equipment subscription program.

See how customers are succeeding with Meridian's solutions.

“Deaconess and Meridian have worked together on just about every type of equipment financing program, whether that’s imaging technology, IT, surgical, or clinical equipment. This has allowed us to conserve our capital and reduce our expenses while giving us the flexibility to bring the most advanced technology and highest level of care to our patients.”

Cheryl Wathen

CFO, Deaconess Health System

Cheryl Wathen
Cheryl Wathen
Deaconess Health 2


The amount of radiology patients Deaconess performed scans on in 2016 using all types of radiology modalities

Equipment Provided

  • Digital Imaging
  • Pharmacy Automation
  • Surgical Robot
  • Lab
  • Patient Monitoring

Equipment We Lease, Supply & Rent

  •  Lease New
  •  Rent
  •  Lease or Purchase Refurbished
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Lease New

Meridian Leasing is positioned to give you the lowest monthly costs by providing you with price transparency through industry leading price benchmarking.


The savings our clients have received from Meridian's price benchmarking services.

"The flexibility that Meridian provides to us is to have a better plan for acquiring capital assets. By not having to use cash upfront to require an asset, it gives us the flexibility and future to meet other operating needs and other opportunities."

Steve Brown, CFO, Anderson Regional Medical Center

Lease New
Lease New

Meridian Leasing "Prime" Refurbished Equipment

Gain access to a vast inventory of refurbished medical equipment that meets or exceeds OEM standards for performance. All refurbished equipment provided by Meridian goes through a strict 10-step refurbishment process at our facility.


The reduction in cost of medical equipment when choosing Meridian Prime Refurbished Equipment.

"I would recommend Meridian to other healthcare companies because I feel like they were very easy to work with, very responsive, and they had a lot of information and helped educate us on making the right decisions."

Jill Trautvetter, Program Manager, Deaconess Health Systems

Meridian Leasing "Prime" Refurbished Equipment
Meridian Leasing "Prime" Refurbished Equipment


  • Discover short term solutions for unexpected equipment needs 
  • Access a robust inventory of medical equipment including digital imaging systems, mobile MRI, mobile PET/CT and ultrasound
  • Test drive medical modalities for a trial period before making a large investment 
  •  Prepare for unexpected spikes in utilization so you don’t have to turn patients away

"Rentals are available on a wide range of imaging devices that is all inclusive with the service, training and installation."

Mike Myers, VP of Healthcare, Meridian Leasing



  • Experience a full-service solution including equipment set-up and delivery, maintenance and support with a built in refresh cycle
  • Rest assured the technology meets the clinical needs of your facility with our equipment subscription program
  • Normalize your budget with a flat rate subscription plan

"Meridian's diagnostic imaging subscription bundles the right equipment, service, support, and peace of mind into one easy payment."

Jeff Hough, Program Manager, Meridian Leasing


Flexible Finance Options

Single Lease Payment Project Finance Leasing Step Lease Lease Lines Early Termination Options
Single Lease Payment

For customers who have capital budget available but still want the flexibility that leasing can provide, a Single-Payment Lease can be the most attractive option. The Single-Payment Lease offers all the benefits of off-balance-sheet financing and protection from equipment obsolescence, while allowing the customer to make the full investment up-front.

Project Finance Leasing

With our Project Finance Lease, Meridian can tailor a program to meet the requirements associated with the phased implementation of your project, eliminating the sting of large cash outlays upfront. This innovative leasing option allows you to maximize the returns of your project implementation.

Step Lease

The Step Lease allows a customer to clearly outline future costs for decision-making purposes. This lease begins with a fixed term and monthly payment. After a predetermined interval, the lease payment adjusts to meet budget requirements. The flexibility of the Step Lease program allows you to acquire the technology you need now and still stay within your budget in the future. Meridian also offers "Tiered Leases".

Lease Lines

If your installation calls for equipment to be added over a longer period of time or on an as-needed basis, Lease Lines are ideal. This approach can simplify paperwork and administrative costs while providing you the flexibility you need to meet your schedule. Once the terms are set, equipment can be added at any time, and is assessed to the lease on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Early Termination Options

Early Termination leases offer the benefit of predetermined pricing and flexibility during your lease. An example of this structure would be a 48 month lease with pre-stated early termination at 36 months. Equipment can be returned at the early termination point for a predetermined cost.