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“It's refreshing to have a partner that prioritizes your needs over all else and that's what we felt with Meridian as our partner.”

Timothy Nusbaum

Treasurer, Leading North American Paper Manufacturer

Timothy Nusbaum
Timothy Nusbaum

Meridian Leasing for Construction

Increase the knowledge and expertise of your construction team

Expand your team to include construction equipment experts and a world-class services team that will provide an on-site evaluation to ensure the right equipment ends up in the hands of your employees.

Stay on track and on budget with savings of up to 55%

Maintain project schedule and budget by receiving access to a robust inventory of used excavators, bulldozers, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, and more.

Manage construction projects like a pro

See how you can efficiently track and view your assets through our online asset tracking portal, MCAP.

Accelerate innovation

Achieve the time, cost and quality goals of your construction projects through innovative IT solutions and services such as data center, security and risk management and cloud solutions.


Construction equipment without the heavy price tag

Construction equipment without the heavy price tag

Equipment We Lease & Supply


Customers are choosing Meridian to help them save money with used equipment.



Annual growth of investment in construction equipment by businesses in 2017*

$577 B

Construction spending seen during the first six months of 2017**


*Source: Q3 2017 Equipment Leasing & Finance U.S. Economic Outlook.

**Source: U.S. Census Bureau.