“Meridian is our partner. They understand our needs, understand the healthcare industry, and they bring solutions to us that are more than just an interest rate.”

Ed Tucker

CFO (Retired), Anderson Regional Medical Center

Ed Tucker
Ed Tucker

Meridian Leasing for Healthcare

Lower your operational expenses

Combine the knowledge of experts and investors in healthcare technology to receive the most competitive leasing solutions in the market.

Reduce the cost of patient care

Extract up to 55% from the cost of medical equipment by leveraging Meridian Leasing’s robust inventory of refurbished equipment.

Increase patient satisfaction

Improve patient satisfaction by selecting the right equipment to guarantee the care and comfort of your patients.

Upgrade to predictive analytics

Experience how advanced analytics and IT equipment such as networking, servers and storage will accelerate your healthcare facility to enable a smarter and healthier future.




Experts and Investors in Healthcare Technology

Experts and Investors in Healthcare Technology

Equipment We Lease, Supply & Rent

  •  Lease New
  •  Rent
  •  Lease or Purchase Refurbished
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Customers are choosing Meridian to help them save money with refurbished equipment.



The reduction in medical equipment expenses when switching from new to refurbished equipment


The increase in hospitals buying refurbished equipment



See how customers are succeeding with Meridian's Healthcare solutions.


“Deaconess and Meridian have worked together on just about every type of equipment financing program, whether that’s imaging technology, IT, surgical, or clinical equipment. This has allowed us to conserve our capital and reduce our expenses while giving us the flexibility to bring the most advanced technology and highest level of care to our patients.”

Cheryl Wathen

CFO, Deaconess Health System

Cheryl Wathen
Cheryl Wathen
Deaconess Health 2


The amount of radiology patients Deaconess performed scans on in 2016 using all types of radiology modalities

Equipment Provided

  • Digital Imaging
  • Pharmacy Automation
  • Surgical Robot
  • Lab
  • Patient Monitoring