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“Meridian is so good at what they do and they have industry expertise which allows us to focus on what we’re good at.”

Gerald Chen

CFO, Otter Products

Gerald Chen
Gerald Chen

Meridian Leasing for Manufacturing

Reduce costs of goods sold

Get smarter about your equipment spend by considering refurbished equipment. Lower monthly costs by up to 55% so you can reinvest capital where your company needs it most.

Increase the knowledge and expertise of your manufacturing team

Utilize our equipment expertise and services to evaluate your equipment needs and ensure your employees are using the necessary equipment to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Simplify supply chain complexity

Experience the benefit of having a team of experts manage all your equipment vendors so you can focus on running your business.

Generate New Value

Increase productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing projects through advanced IT solutions and services such as data center solutions, and security and risk management.


Manufacturing Profitability Through Flexible Leasing

Manufacturing Profitability Through Flexible Leasing

Equipment We Lease & Supply


Customers are choosing Meridian to help them save money with refurbished equipment.



Cost reduction when choosing refurbished equipment over new


Amount of U.S. manufacturers completing major capital investments*



See how customers are succeeding with Meridian Manufacturing solutions.


“Meridian Leasing is the best vendor partner I have ever had the chance to work with in my 22 years at Buchheit. I would not change that relationship one bit.”

Jared Hotop

VP of IT & Retail, Buchheit Enterprises

Jared Hotop
Jared Hotop
Buchheit_Jared Hotop_Best Vendor Partner


Number of SKUs managed by Buchheit

Equipment Provided

  • Inventory scanners
  • Storage
  • Server virtualization
  • Backup

*Capital investments completed during the next 12 months. Source: The January 2017 PwC Manufacturing Barometer.