The Client

With over 50 locations and 15 imaging sites across Illinois, Edward-Elmhurst Health serves over 1.7 Million residents with over 100 medical and surgical specialties. The word ‘driven’ not only describes its employees - it’s their mission; Determination, Respect, Integrity, Vision, Excellence, and Nurturing.

Million Residents Served
Medical and Surgical Specialties

Business Impact

Thanks to Meridian’s mobile solution, Edward-Elmhurst increased their capacity and are now able to serve an additional 4,000 patients a year. Without having to build out a permanent MRI machine on their campus, Edward-Elmhurst was able to save millions of dollars in construction costs. They are now able to reinvest that capital into other critical care operations in the health system. Since Meridian’s mHealth Mobile360™ solution doesn’t require months of downtime, Edward-Elmhurst didn’t experience any disruption to their daily operations and there was zero impact on their current patients.

One of the benefits of a mobile MRI is not having downtime. We were able to wheel it in, park it, hook it up, and we're off and running.

Ryan Garland

Director of Radiology Services

The Challenges

With Edward-Elmhurst’s growing market, particularly in Plainfield, they needed to increase capacity of their imaging departments to meet the needs of their communities. Construction for a new imaging center not only was cost-prohibitive, but it would also mean disruption to the current imaging center on the Plainfield campus. Additionally, new construction and installation would mean that patients would be waiting even longer to schedule an MRI scan or would have to travel to another campus to do so. Not only would patients be unable to receive the care they need, but Edward-Elmhurst would be missing out on potential revenue.

How Meridian Helped

Having rented a PET-CT Scanner from Meridian in the past, Edward- Elmhurst knew they had a partner that had deep expertise in the healthcare industry. After consulting with the experts at Meridian, they found that a mobile MRI machine could be installed for significantly less money and in less time than a permanent MRI machine. With a mobile MRI machine, Edward-Elmhurst has increased their capacity to perform MRI scans without any downtime to their critical operations.

Meridian has helped us deliver safe, seamless care to our patients. They are allowing us to be Healthy Driven.

Ryan Garland

Director of Radiology

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