The Client

Located just Northwest of Dallas, Irving Specialists Surgical Center (ISSC) is an independent surgery center. Specializing in bariatrics, spinal procedures, and pain management, their facility provides residents of Irving and surrounding counties with the highest-quality outpatient surgical services.

Million Residents Served
Operating Rooms
Medical and Surgical Specialties

Business Impact

Irving Specialists Surgical Center (ISSC) chose TrueFlex Value™ to preserve cashflow and significantly reduce their initial capital outlay. Thanks to the flexibility of TrueFlex Finance™, ISSC can easily and quickly add equipment as they need to add specialties. Being able to build out their facility for long term growth means ISSC is projected to nearly double their patient throughput over 6 months. Since ISSC doesn’t need to deal with the administrative work of managing equipment, their staff can focus on taking care of their patients and their growing facility.


Having Meridian as a partner has really allowed us to focus on what’s important - and that’s our patients.

Kelly Simmons

Assistant Director, Nursing

The Challenges

As a growing facility, ISSC was tasked with acquiring the right equipment with flexible financing to fully maximize their budget. Early in their journey, they struggled to find a partner that could provide cost effective finance options that met their needs. As so many healthcare facilities are, ISSC was faced with a choice between an independent leasing partner and traditional bank. The latter would mean significant capital outlay in the form of down payments from their physicians. Additionally, adding equipment in the future using a traditional bank would be cumbersome. ISSC needed to consider how they could acquire equipment in the short term while still planning for their future.

How Meridian Helped

ISSC has access to Meridian’s healthcare experts and TrueFlex Finance offerings which allows them to get the equipment they need immediately. Taking advantage of Meridian’s TrueFlex Value allows ISSC to preserve cash flow as they build out their facility. Acquiring a wide range of essential equipment, such as, C-Arms, Beds, and complete Surgical Systems, ISSC has found a partner that understands their entire organization and their patients’ needs. Meridian then delivered by tackling the tedious administrative work that followed, allowing Irving to focus on their patient care and satisfaction.  Now fully equipped, Irving is prepared to tackle any challenges they may face, serving patients now and their growing community in the future.

We needed to understand exactly what we were going to pay, for how long, and how the relationship was going to work. Meridian Has been perfect at that.

Nathan Cumbie


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