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“It is really a full-service operation. Everything from getting the product here, to making sure it gets set up, monitoring it through its life, and then taking it away and replacing it with next cycle, Meridian does better than anyone that we’ve certainly done business with.”

John Loyack

CFO, King's College

John Loyack
John Loyack

Meridian Leasing helps King's College build a foundation for its students


King's College
Wilkes-Barre, PA



About King's College

King’s College is Catholic institution of higher educated animated and guided by the Congregation of Holy Cross. King's pursues excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship through a rigorous core curriculum, major programs across the liberal arts and sciences, nationally-accredited professional programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and personal attention to student formation in a nurturing community. King’s has been dedicated to the ideal of transforming minds and hearts with zeal in communities of hope.

The King's College Story

The King's College Story

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