Toshiba Titan 3.0T

Toshiba Titan 3.0T

Product Description

Toshiba's Titan series allows clinicians to provide supreme comfort to their patients, combining a short 1.6 meter magnet with a large 71 cm opening. This reduces patient anxiety and allows 80% of the body to be scanned feet first.

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Most systems come with a standard coil package. The MRI machine comes standard with proprietary image enhancement software, an adjustable table, and patient comfort features. The Toshiba Titan 3.0T is available for purchase and lease.


  • Clinical Use: Whole Body
  • Gantry (Max. Clearance): 71 cm
  • Magnetic Field Strength: 3.0 T
  • Wide Bore
  • Specialized Applications for Pediatrics, Geriatrics, and Breast Imaging
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