Spacelab Qube 91390

Spacelab Qube 91390

Product Description

Spacelab's Qube 91390 is a small, lightweight patient monitor for emergency, general, intensive, and post-anesthesia care units. The versatile Qube system offers portability and accessibility to help with informed patient care. The Spacelab Qube is available for purchase and lease.

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  • Height: 26.2cm
  • Width: 31.5cm
  • Depth: 13.2cm
  • Weight: 9lbs


  • Perioperative; provides customizable, user-specific display setups and start case and end case functions
  • Vital Signs Calculations (Hemodynamics and Oxygenation)
  • Data Shuttle supports the transfer for up to 24 hours of trend information
  • Patient Data Logger; presents an ASCII data stream of patient name and vital sign data to the serial port in a pre-defined format
  • Dynamic Network Access (DNA); Spacelabs Healthcare proprietary version of the Citrix IC Client provides the ability to connect and interact with remote applications hosted on Citrixservers; Citrix server software and other associated licenses and applications must be purchased separately.
  • Printer; one printer slot, refer to the product specifications section for details
  • Full View; supports simultaneous display of 12 ECG leads
  • Full Bed Review; provides a multiparameter view for any monitored patient on the network (up to five waveforms)
  • Wireless; 802.11a
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