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The technology you need at a price you can afford.

Gain a competitive edge, meet unbudgeted needs, and make your budget go further with Meridian Leasing's flexible IT finance options.

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Lease New

Our solution architects will ensure you receive the right technology solution at the lowest monthly cost using our industry leading price benchmarking services.

Lease Refurbished

Deliver the same premium user experience at up to 90% off list price when switching from new to refurbished IT equipment.

Purchase Refurbished

Eradicate any idea of what you thought a budget should look like. Think differently by considering the purchase of refurbished IT equipment.

Purchase New*

Simplify the IT selection process when partnering with hundreds of IT experts from around the world. Our solution architects will work alongside you so the best technology solutions are available to you for the lowest cost.

*New IT equipment is fulfilled through Meridian IT Inc.


“Meridian has brought technical resources when we needed them – when we needed to configure servers, when we needed advice on buying infrastructure and servers in China – Meridian came through... That’s much more than a leasing company.”

Eric Kress

CIO, Atlantic Tool & Die

Eric Kress
Eric Kress
Atlantic Tool & Die 7


The number of countries Atlantic Tool & Die operates in

Equipment Provided

  • Networking
  • Laptops & Desktops
  • Software
  • Workstations
  • Servers

IT Equipment We Finance, Lease, & Supply*

*New IT equipment is fulfilled through Meridian IT Inc.

Lease New

Connect the dots with our IT experts to develop meaningful insights. Create a data management strategy to leverage both on premises infrastructure and the cloud. Meridian Leasing is positioned to give you the lowest monthly costs by providing you with price transparency through industry leading price benchmarking.

36 months

The average lease term of a piece of networking equipment.

"Meridian’s technology hardware refresh program provides a great deal of value for us. Meridian manages the roll-out and simplifies the administration through a lease line process."

Vickie Smith, CIO, Helena Chemical

Lease New
Lease New

Lease or Purchase Refurbished

For once, surprise and delight your CFO by meeting all of their business needs while staying under budget. Develop faster, roll out faster, and deliver faster. Invest in innovation and cutting-edge technology by cutting costs when using refurbished equipment.


The average savings when choosing refurbished networking equipment over new.

"Meridian has a level of technology expertise that we can tap into when we need to and when we are evaluating equipment."

Steve Taylor, Director of IT, Anderson Regional Medical Center

Lease or Purchase Refurbished
Lease or Purchase Refurbished

Purchase New*

*New IT equipment is fulfilled through Meridian IT Inc.

Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Hybrid Cloud Platforms
  • Business Applications
  • Network - Infrastructure, Optimization & Virtualization
  • Storage & Data Management
  • Converged / Hyper Converged Infrastructure
  • Virtualization Solutions
  • Workload Management & Automation

Business Productivity & Contact Center

Business Productivity & Contact Center
  • Contact Center / Applications
  • End User Secure Content, Controls & Containerization
  • Communications & Collaboration
  • Video Solutions
  • Application Delivery
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solutions

Flexible Consumption & Managed Services

Flexible Consumption & Managed Services
  • Compute
  • Availability Services
  • Storage
  • Developer Services
  • Mobile Services
  • ISV Infrastructure Hosting
  • Network & Security
  • IP Telephony

Enterprise Connectivity & Cybersecurity

Enterprise Connectivity & Cybersecurity
  • Network Security (Physical & Virtual)
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Web Security
  • E-Mail Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Remote Access Security
  • Next Generation Firewall Solutions
  • Next Generation Intrusion Prevention & Detection Systems
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Secure Information & Event Management

Flexible Equipment Leasing and Finance Options

Single Lease Payment Project Finance Leasing Step Lease Lease Lines Early Termination Options
Icon Single Payment

For customers who have capital budget available but still want the flexibility that equipment financing and leasing can provide, a Single-Payment Lease can be the most attractive option. The Single-Payment Lease offers all the benefits of off-balance-sheet financing and protection from equipment obsolescence, while allowing the customer to make the full investment up-front.

Icon Project Finance

With our Project Finance Lease, Meridian can tailor a program to meet the requirements associated with the phased implementation of your project, eliminating the sting of large cash outlays upfront. This innovative equipment leasing and financing option allows you to maximize the returns of your project implementation.

Icon Step Lease

The Step Lease allows a customer to clearly outline future costs for decision-making purposes. This equipment lease begins with a fixed term and monthly payment. After a predetermined interval, the lease payment adjusts to meet budget requirements. The flexibility of the Step Lease program allows you to acquire the technology you need now and still stay within your budget in the future. Meridian also offers "Tiered Leases".

Icon Lease Line

If your installation calls for equipment to be added over a longer period of time or on an as-needed basis, Lease Lines are ideal. This approach can simplify paperwork and administrative costs while providing you the flexibility you need to meet your schedule. Once the terms are set, equipment can be added at any time, and is assessed to the lease on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Icon Early Termination

Early Termination leases offer the benefit of predetermined pricing and flexibility during your lease. An example of this structure would be a 48 month lease with pre-stated early termination at 36 months. Equipment can be returned at the early termination point for a predetermined cost.