Philips CardioMD

Philips CardioMD

Product Description

The Philips CardioMD is a compact, fixed 90-degree nuclear cardiology camera. It’s small footprint makes it a great fit for lower volume cardiology departments.

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This machine is available for purchase and lease.

Key Features

  • Fixed 90-degree detectors
  • 90 degree dual detector configuration for increased throughput and superior image quality
  • Two (2) 3/8” crystals with 14.6” x 8.5” field of view (FOV) detectors
  • Twenty-four (24) high-resolution photomultiplier tubes per detector
  • High-performance detector electronics providing excellent resolution
  • Auto gain, energy, linearity, and uniformity corrections
  • Preprogrammed gantry motions with digital LED displays
  • A full complement of clinical software for nuclear medicine & nuclear cardiology
  • Compact integrated design to fit into a 10’ x 11’ room (supine/prone long table)
  • Dedicated maintenance and tuning process for stability and reliability
  • Patient table weight limit: 400 lbs
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