Siemens Symbia S

Siemens Symbia S

Product Description

A premium, multipurpose SPECT system able to deliver four-minute cardiac imaging. The Siemens Symbia nuclear detector heads easily rotate into numerous positions including caudal/cephalic tilt offering comprehensive imaging positions for general purpose, cardiology, oncology, and neurology studies.

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This machine is available for purchase and lease.

Key Features

  • High-resolution digital detector assembly with 3/8″ NaI crystal
  • Pass through open gantry design
  • Caudal tilt allows for precise positioning of static and dynamic acquisitions
  • Automatic body contouring minimizes detector to patient distance for optimal SPECT imaging resolution
  • LEHR collimator set
  • Symbia collimator cart supports storage and exchange of two collimator pairs
  • Syngo workflow
  • E.soft workstation

Additional Options

  • The E.soft processing workstation comes with your choice of the Cedars or 4DM SPECT cardiac package
  • New Oasis (Windows 10) processing workstation
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